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“The Journal for the Grown A$$ Man”

by Adrian D. Davis

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“21 Days of Preparation”

by Adrian D. Davis


Adrian Davis


About Adrian Davis

Adrian D. Davis, fondly known as AD, serves as a mentor to those who are seeking to enter into the field of public speaking. A native of Chattanooga, Tennessee he realized his ability to reach the masses when he entered the world of ministry at the young age of 18 years old. He began to use his voice and charismatic personality to relate to his peers and help them navigate through life by urging self-realization along a spiritual journey.

The Trailblazer

AD has broken the stereotype and image of yesteryears’ minister. He is deliberately diminishing the lines that separate the world from spirituality, with a message of change that crosses generational, ethnic and cultural boundaries. In a culture that tells you that you are only allowed to be ONE THING, AD has blazed the trail to show others you can do and be so much more!

The Communicator

AD uses his influential voice to deliver empowering messages of hope and transformation in the U.S. and abroad. He firmly believes, “He was born to teach, translate, transform, and train others.”

The Innovator

Through a non-traditional approach, Adrian creates interactive and compelling illustrations of his real life experiences to influence and guide those who need motivation. His influence has reached beyond his starting point of ministry and expanded and helped those of all walks, beliefs and cultures.

The Leader

A social agent of change, community activist, motivational speaker, and mentor to hundreds of people across the globe. Annually he holds a leadership conference entitled “Growing Pains” to let leaders into his world of growing while still learning to be a great leader. AD is also an entrepreneur, designer, consultant and best-selling author of multiple books (Tears Down a Smiling Face and 21 Days of Preparation).



This documentary about the unique challenges that black boys face in the American educational system. More than 70% of African American males are born to single parent homes and 38% are raised in poverty. African American males experience unemployment at a rate up to 5 times greater than that of their white male contemporaries…